About The Travel Diary

At The Travel Diary, we have created the easiest way for travel bloggers to share their experiences with interested readers, their friends and their family, and best of all, it’s totally free. Our bloggers can make money and even receive offers for free trips away to write about specific locations. With The Travel Diary, there is no upkeep, no hosting costs, no web development knowledge needed. All our bloggers need to do is log in, type, upload photos and submit for approval – our admin team will do the rest of the hard work.

Our ethos

The Travel Diary’s main goal is to provide interesting, quality content, written by normal people, just because they want to write about and share their experiences. We want the content to include balanced recommendations, give ideas on what to do and what not to do, provide warnings in certain locations and most of all, be great to read.

Our authors and our readers will always be the most important part of The Travel Diary.

Our partners

Around The Travel Diary’s pages and posts, you may spot adverts, outbound links and search widgets. We partner with some of the world’s biggest travel providers, allowing us to find you some great deals to get you on your next holiday for a great price. By using our links or search widgets, you will not be charged anything extra – the prices are exactly the same as going directly. What actually happens is that if you go through the links or search widgets on The Travel Diary and make a sale – this is tracked and 100% the commission we receive from that certain partner is given directly to the blogger whose blog post you visited through.

Information for accommodation managers

We do accept requests for top authors to visit your establishment, just get in touch via the Request A Visit page.

Social media

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