People always say that home is where your heart is and that’s something I truly agree with. Four years ago after separating from my son’s father I found myself moving back in with my parents for a brief period and I had to find somewhere to live quickly – as much as I love my parents I had been living independently for so long and I craved my own space. My only criteria was to be near a train station and a monthly rent that wasn’t going to completely cripple my bank account. A couple of months later I found myself arriving in a town in Derbyshire where I knew no one and had spent hardly any time in before. Setting up home here took a while but now, four years on, my heart absolutely belongs to this place and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

When you have children, stability is important. When I was younger and carefree though I had been lucky enough to live in several different places. One of those places was in rural Wiltshire, near the beautiful medieval city of Salisbury, where I had lived for two years and given birth to my son.

I hadn’t been back to Salisbury for over a year and really wanted to visit to see one of the close friends I had made down there. She was generous enough to invite me to stay at her place so I booked the train tickets for my next free weekend which was at the beginning of March. Because I had booked the tickets so far in advance I managed to get a first class ticket for £15! Typically the weekend I decided to visit was right after the Russian spy poisoning so large parts of the city were closed off. Despite having lived in the area for over two years I had never actually been to Stonehenge so I decided to take the opportunity to visit. I booked the tickets online – the cost was £29 and the tour bus picked you up outside Salisbury train station. You get an audio tour on the bus with headphones if you want to listen. It’s about a 30 minute journey and the views on the way were stunning – though of course being March in the UK meant it was absolutely chucking it down with rain!

I really enjoyed having a wander around and seeing the stones. They are completely roped off so you can’t get close to them but I got a couple of great pictures. I didn’t want to stay outside for too long due to the rain (I didn’t have an umbrella) so I went inside the cafe there and had a really nice homemade pasty. The cafe is a bit pricey but worth it. There’s also the tourist centre although I didn’t end up going in there.

I spent the rest of the weekend with my friend and her family. We went out for dinner and then to an amazing dessert place where I had the biggest waffle ever – not quite as good as the ones I had in Belgium in December though!

Salisbury is a stunning city with beautiful architecture – it’s like York in a lot of ways, very historical with a lot of the original buildings still in place. I didn’t go to the cathedral this time but I have been in before – the grounds used to be my favourite place to sit and have a coffee before work. Well worth a visit.