Prague Blog

So, I booked Prague as my first adventure for 2018, and that’s it, I’m totally in love! It’s absolutely beautiful out there, stunning!

I booked for 3 days and I think I definitely needed at least another 2 days for more exploration!

As I landed at 11pm, I had pre-booked my airport transfer to my hotel. It was £11 each way, dropped off and picked up from the hotel, and they include a free 4 hour walking tour of Prague on any day you choose to go, and a Prague information booklet! If you’d like to know more about this, just send me a message.

As I had no real plan of action and very basic knowledge about Prague, I chose to do the walking tour on the very next morning. It was well worth doing, although I chose not to pay €30 to upgrade to the 6 hour tour, which included a boat cruise and a basic lunch as I googled it there and then, and found I could do the boat cruise for €11 on my own anyway!

We started off at the Old Town Square, where it was pointed out that Prague’s most famous sight, The Astronomical Clock. Although, it was all covered up as it was being renovated. Just my luck!

So on we walked into the Jewish quarter where the oldest synagogue from the 15th century still stood, the most expensive street which had all the designer shops, Wenceslas Square, traipsing across cobblestone streets. We saw the John Lennon graffiti-covered wall, the library with the infinity mirror book tower before we walked across the famous landmark Charles Bridge and then onwards and up the steep hill to watch the changing of the guard outside Prague Castle. The gothic St.Vitus Cathedral, St.Georges Basilica, and the picturesque houses on Golden Lane. After which we were left to do our own thing for the rest of the day.

I wanted to enjoy the Charles Bridge again with its city views, the souvenir stands, performers and street artists, so I headed back over there and slowly took my time walking back across.

I was a tad tired and my feet were aching as no one had mentioned taking memory foam inner soles or thick padded shoes should be a pre-requisite of Prague, as walking miles upon miles on cobblestones isn’t exactly comfortable and so I decided to go and find somewhere to sit with a drink, but found a great little ice cream bar instead! I do love pistachio ice cream!

Whilst resting my poor feet, I googled what to do that night and I found two places that did organised pub crawls; Prague Pub crawl and Drunken Monkey. I Google mapped both and went to find where they were situated andI ended up booking with The Prague Pub crawl, as it was more convenient for me to walk to after I finally got back to my hotel room and was ready to go out again. It was about a 12 minute walk from my hotel back to Old Town Square where their meeting point is.

There were about 45 people on this one and it’s definitely worth doing, as you get to meet so many different people from all over the world not just teenagers or stag do’s!

We went to 3 different bars before heading off to the biggest club in Prague, Karlovy Lázně. It has different music on different floors but for myself a hardcore Ibiza clubber, it’s definitely not in that league, but ok for that particular evening. I left around 4am and felt safe enough to walk 20 mins back to the hotel.

Next day as I knew my bearings now, I sauntered through the souvenir market on my way to the boat tours on the river. These were run by a company called Prague Boats. I chose to go with the smaller boat which was the romantic little Venice Boat with the captain doing a live commentary throughout, giving everyone the chance to see Prague’s architectural gems from the river Vitava. The trip was only 45 mins long, but it was definitely worth doing! Prague is simply stunning from both land and river!

The rest of the day was spent sightseeing again along with some souvenir shopping. I treated myself to some Czech crystal jewellery from a very helpful chap in a small stall selling Marea Jewellery near the market.

Earlier in the day, I had bought a ticket for €10 to kick-start my evening at 6pm with a bit of culture, to watch a candlelit classical Vivaldi’s Four Season concert, being held in a Baroque Hall, which happened to be opposite the sex toy museum. They have museum’s for everything out there, even a toilet museum!

It was lovely! Really enjoyable and I knew all the music they played!

Continuing with my “Cultural” theme, I headed off to the Dubliner pub. You can always rely on Irish bars to be busy and welcoming all across the world and as expected, it was a great laugh, up until American fans came in to watch the Superbowl when the atmosphere changed to pure sport, so I left.

I ended up chatting to two random girls from Bournemouth outside the Dubliner on their way to the Steampunk club, so we all headed off there. This was totally random and spontaneous, but it was another great night out.

The next morning after check out, I was picked up by my Prague airport transfer and dropped back off at the airport. En route I was already on my phone trying to find my next flight back!

Out of my last 11 trips to Europe in the last 16 weeks, Prague has definitely taken my number one spot and I can’t wait to go back to explore further!

Next trip in 3 weeks… Budapest!

Sooooooo, watch this space!