Off the back of my 4 great experiences the previous year, I booked 2 further day-trips to Copenhagen in December, one of which was a stocking filler Christmas present for my kids and at £9.99 each way, why not?

I absolutely love Copenhagen! It’s such a pretty picturesque place!

From the airport, you can take a train straight to the centre. I get off at the stop called Kongens Nytorv which is about a 12 minute journey from the airport costing about £4 each way. This stop is where the harbour is, and from here you can take a one-hour boat tour of Copenhagen to see the sights. Yes, I’ve done it 6 times now and at around £8, it’s definitely worth it!

Copenhagen has a lot of history including being famous for the statue of the author Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, which is indeed little! The Danish Opera house situated on the harbour is an interesting looking building, which hosts diving championships off its roof! The splendid Royal Residences are also visible from the boat trip, although you can’t get off to go walkabout in them! There are also a lot of fabulous churches, one of which has a black and gilt steeple with steps that surround it, so that you can walk round to the top although, I’ve not done that myself yet!

I chose this particular time of year as there are numerous Christmas markets to wander around and sample festive delights from, like a glass of their special mulled wine, (which contains flaked almonds and raisins, so you need an inner sieve!) or cheeses, meats, and lots of decorative items, however everything is all ever so festive looking!

Tivoli looks spectacularly amazing, and it is an absolute must see if you do decide to go at Christmas time, also if you get the chance, pop into the giant aquarium situated inside.

It’s without doubt a very romantic place to wander around during December, unless of course you’re with your kids!

Food and drink wise, (although I have to be extremely careful as the Danish love their seeds on everything too!) there are a lot of lovely restaurants situated near the harbour serving local delicacies as well as a vast selection of international restaurants including Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and of course McDonalds. There are quite a few local bars and Irish pubs and it’s all reasonably priced. Oh yes, numerous waffle and ice cream parlours too, which keeps the kids happy!

I do totally recommend going to Copenhagen for a mini weekend break or even like myself, a day-trip! As tiring though it is, everything I did that I’ve written about in this blog can easily be fitted into a day-trip, if your return flight is around 10pm / 11pm!

But for me personally, it’s all about thinking outside that box and making the most of whatever opportunity to experience life and see the world!

Next week, a trip to Nice and Cannes!

Sooooooo… watch this space!