Planning A Solo Train Journey Around Central Europe

Intro After my successful road-trip in May this year around the Balkans, through 7 countries; I decided that I wanted to do something similar in 2019. The long drives, especially between Serbia and Bulgaria were hard, especially as they were through the mountains, so no time to just chill by just driving straight on a motorway. Also, the car [...]

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Solo Road Trip Around Former Yugoslavia

Intro I was chatting to a mate one day, and decided that due to my fear of flying, I'd fly to one place, rent a car and visit a load of countries in one trip. Within the day, I'd booked the flights and was figuring out a route. The route turned out to be about [...]

Beautiful, beautiful Aruba!

I suddenly decided to go on holiday. I was solely looking at booking Toronto or Cairo (I know, both really similar places... NOT!) But I ended up booking Aruba instead, only 36 hours before flying! What a whirlwind! I've been to a few Caribbean islands; Antigua, St. Lucia, Jamaica and The Bahamas, so I had no immediate inclination in wanting [...]

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The Venetian Islands

So this week I found myself in a little dilemma. Me and the hubby both had a week off work, the weather forecast in the UK was looking pretty wet and my jealousy at other peoples holiday plans was at an all time high. Truly first world problems. We had a fairly modest budget to play with so a [...]

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Malta and the amp music festival

Sooooooo.... I'd booked to go to the AMP Lost and found Festival being held in Malta last weekend... I'd never been to Malta before or that particular festival and was really looking forward to both experiences!                                               [...]

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A Wanderlisters Guide To… 24 Hours In Milan

Buongiorno Wanderlusters, Milan is a city of charm, a city full of an abundance of luxurious fashion, business, art & cultivations. The city offers endless opportunities for those seeking an action-packed day of culture and adventure and all within short walking distances from each other. From shopping to sightseeing, there's so much you can fit in, in such little time [...]

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Family Favourites – Skegness and Butlins

I love going abroad. Whether it's visiting bustling cities, relaxing on a secluded beach with beautiful turquoise waters or soaking up the local culture in a little village - I just love exploring new countries. But I'm also a mum. A mum to an almost 5 year old who doesn't know or care about the difference between a beach [...]

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A Wanderlisters Guide To… Where To Eat and What To Do In Positano

Bonjourno Wanderlusters,   Positano, as pretty as a postcard. The town is a colourful, coastal, cliffside gem, and a tourist's honeypot paradise. Situated on the stunning Amalfi Coast, the dream-like mountainside town of Positano is a real jewel of the region. It's hard to believe that it was once a poor-mans fisherman's village! As you wind through the cobbled streets [...]

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Sun, Sangria and Semana Santa in Seville

Gazing at my pin map of Europe one rainy afternoon I was drawn to Spain, I don't know if it was that saying 'the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane' and the fact it was raining outside that made me notice there were hardly any pins in that country in comparison to some of the other countries [...]

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A Wanderlisters Guide To… Amsterdam

Hello Wanderlusters, How I have not visited Amsterdam before, I shall never know! The canals, the bridges, the bicycles, the colours of the tulips, the people, heck even the smell of the wacky tabaccy (cringe) was just sensational. As it was my first visit, I wanted to jam pack everything in, and see as much as Amsterdam as possible [...]

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Salisbury – The Cathedral City and Stonehenge

People always say that home is where your heart is and that's something I truly agree with. Four years ago after separating from my son's father I found myself moving back in with my parents for a brief period and I had to find somewhere to live quickly - as much as I love my parents I had [...]

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The Blue Lagoon and Ice Caves in Iceland

Everybody seems to want to go to Iceland these days, along with Machu Picchu in Peru - they seem to be the 'must go' to places now. Anyway, I found cheap flights with EasyJet for £57 return from Manchester to Keflavik airport, about 40 minutes south of Reykjavik. I normally just arrive at the airport and [...]

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Fairytale trip to the Alsace, France

I was initially attracted to the quaint little towns and villages of the Alsace region of France because of their medieval, colourful houses which looked like a scene from a Disney film. I was besotted, not only because I had never really heard much about this region of France, but also because of it’s geographic location. The entire region [...]

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Winter Birthday Weekend in York

This is my first post based on somewhere in the UK because not every getaway can involve jetting away somewhere unfortunately... for my birthday my husband planned a surprise weekend away in York. This is the first time I had ever been to York but had always wanted to go due to the history there and what better [...]

A rainy weekend in Bergamo

I visited Milan back in November via Bergamo airport and left thinking I should have paid the place a visit, luckily flights from Liverpool to Bergamo seem permanently cheap (£31) and I didn't have to wait long to make my return. This was my first flight with Blue Air (A Romanian airline) and I've no complaints, the plane was [...]

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London and Winter Wonderland

London is one of my favourite places to visit because there's always something going on and there are so many different areas to explore. I've been to London loads of times before but I had never been to Winter Wonderland and I really wanted to take Max there so I decided to go the weekend before Christmas. I'm lucky [...]

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A Solo Female Traveller In Budapest

So, carrying on with my Eastern European exploration, I booked a weekend trip to Budapest! Well, once again I was totally bowled over by such a beautiful city! I happened to book the one weekend where flights were being cancelled due to the snowy conditions here in the UK, so it was touch and go whether I was going [...]

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How to plan your first solo adventure (and tidbits about Tokyo)

Solo trips are rising in popularity. And Google search trends reflect this. I guess it’s because there are a wealth of travellers out there documenting the joys of solo travelling online. While I knew that the whole ‘finding yourself’ aspect to solo trips was probably a bit of cliché, I felt like it would be a cool thing [...]

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A solo trip to Prague, Czech Republic

So, I booked Prague as my first adventure for 2018, and that's it, I'm totally in love! It's absolutely beautiful out there, stunning! I booked for 3 days and I think I definitely needed at least another 2 days for more exploration! As I landed at 11pm, I had pre-booked my airport transfer to my hotel. It was £11 each [...]

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Spending the night in a Japanese capsule hotel

I walked up to the counter, a sparkling white surface with two ipads neatly placed on top, to check in. I scanned the lounge area only to find a large space with bare minimum furniture. “Check in is at 1 pm. Please take a seat” the man behind the counter said as a matter of fact. I looked [...]

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Planning a solo driving trip around southern Europe

A while back, I decided that I wanted to visit every country in Europe by the time I hit 40, and as I turn 30 in May, I should probably step by game up having only visited 31% so far. I already had a short trip to Iceland booked for March 2018, and as 2017 was [...]

Winter Weekend in Brussels

Stepping out of your comfort zone is often a scary thing. We like to stick with what we know, what's familiar and what makes us feel safe. But recently I decided that I wanted to challenge myself a bit more - do things that I wouldn't normally do and enjoy new experiences. I've mentioned in my [...]

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A short weekend away to Whitby

Since my lads were young I have been fortunate to have travelled all over the UK. I always fancied Whitby but never quite got there. The opportunity came up for me and my partner to have a night away and Whitby seemed like a location we both wanted to visit. The travel by car was relatively [...]

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New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome as a solo traveller

So, as I've been away to celebrate NYE for the past 4 years (Reykjavik Iceland, Reykjavik once again as it was so very beautiful out there the previous year! Berlin, Germany and Monte Carlo, Monaco. I decided to go to Rome for this one. I had been to Rome before, so I was not hell-bent on wanting to rush [...]

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do

My weekend break to Rome. I have traveled quite a bit around Italy however, never quite reached Rome. This year I decided that this is something that I need to do as I have an overwhelming urge to keep returning to this beautiful country. Flights booked through RyanAir costing £40 return Sunday to Tuesday. We booked [...]

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Beat The #BlueMonday Blues – Book a Holiday!

Hello Wanderlusters,Ah December, it was so fun whilst it lasted! Now we are in the depths of January, it's still dark at 3pm, I'm still living in my dressing gown and fluffy slippers, and I'm still trying to get over the copious amount of food and drink I've consumed over Christmas.It seems like every time you go on Insta, you [...]

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A day-trip to Copenhagen with the kids

Off the back of my 4 great experiences the previous year, I booked 2 further day-trips to Copenhagen in December, one of which was a stocking filler Christmas present for my kids and at £9.99 each way, why not? I absolutely love Copenhagen! It's such a pretty picturesque place! From the airport, you can take a [...]

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A short trip to Oslo with an unexpected emergency!

I had booked 2 nights in Oslo, Norway as I'd never been there before, and that was certainly an experience! I'd been warned that it was expensive out there, well, I hadn't actually realised just how expensive... eye wateringly so! Especially hot on the heels after last weekend's very reasonable trip to Gdansk! From Oslo airport [...]

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Poznan – Pubs and Bars galore

Me and a couple of workmates plan an annual trip during the Christmas holidays, with previous jaunts including Amsterdam, Brussels and Nuremberg. Budapest and Prague were the cities of choice originally but in July we stumbled across £30 flights to Poznan. I'll admit I knew little about the place other than it was in Poland and fans of [...]

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My 2018 travel goals

When I was a kid, I always remember hearing adults talking when the end of December began to creep up about "how fast the year has gone." I never used to understand what they meant, because when you're a kid the years seem endless, stretching out in front of you forever. And the idea of growing older seems impossible. [...]

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2017 summary: A busy year of travel around Europe

I decided at the start of 2017 that I wanted to visit every country in Europe by the time I turned 40, which doesn't seem that hard until you think about visiting countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kosovo, but I'm up for the challenge. Before starting the planning, I had already visited France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, [...]

Downtime in Matlock

In September, my life suddenly got super busy. My son Max started school, I started a new job, I was doing voluntary work for a homeless charity and I was blogging for The Travel Diary. I was also running a home by myself with a small but incredibly active child. Don't get me wrong, I was absolutely loving it but it was [...]

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A Spontaneous Short Trip To Gdansk, Poland

So, I finally booked an Eastern European destination. Gdansk, Poland! I have to admit that I was quite wary as I'd heard a lot of negative scaremongering stories about Eastern Europeans and their attitude towards foreigners. Well, I was very surprised at just how friendly they all were! So having landed at Gdansk airport, I chose [...]

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A throwback to my trip to Malta & Gozo

Malta has always been on my list of places to visit as that's where my family descend from, which is probably why I get the odd 'you look kind of Italian' comment, as Malta is a short boat ride from southern Italy. This post is being written about a trip I took in 2013, but I [...]

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A One-Night Trip: Eindhoven Light Festival

I'd seen a facebook post about this Glow 2017 festival about 8 weeks ago and I'd never heard of it before, but I soon found out that it's a spectacular light sculpture and light artwork festival held in Eindhoven, Holland from November 11th to November 18th 2017, which has been getting bigger and bigger over the [...]

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Exploring Rome in Two Days!

Due to our busy working lives myself and my husband rely on weekends to be able to tick off as many places on our bucket list as possible, when we told people that we had booked Rome for only two full days they said it would be near impossible to see everything we wanted too or [...]

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When in Rome, eat pizza and ice cream

A friend of mine asked if I'd take her to Italy to grab a pizza, and as I'm always game for one-night trips around Europe, and I love a good pizza, I said yes. I found the flights quite cheaply with Ryanair to Rome Ciampino, which is about 35-40 minutes away from the centre of Rome. [...]

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A One-Day Trip To Dublin With My Kids

So, last week I'd booked a spontaneous day trip to Dublin. Flying out at 6am and flying back around 10pm... easy! Lonnnnng day I admit, but as it had been half term, I had also dragged along both my kids (18yr old son & 15yr old daughter) for the experience, as it's so important to me that they also [...]

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From Divorce To Travelling Alone – Sassy Savvy Adventurer

Sooooooo, I decided to join the hoards and add my own two pence worth into the internet-osphere! It's true... We have a sunrise and sunset everyday, and we should indeed make the most of them. Life after divorce, break-ups, or death, is never easy... I know as I've been through my own fair share, however, my own heartfelt belief [...]

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Sun, sea and sangria: A week in Lanzarote

The Canary islands. I must admit, before I went there I did have pre-conceived ideas on what they were like and they weren't particularly flattering. Booze, karaoke and "Brits abroad" is what I was imagining. But, it was the middle of November, Max and I had just got back from Cape Verde and I was itching to get our [...]

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Two Days in Milan – Beer, Football and Pasta

As a big football fan, a trip to the San Siro to see AC Milan, one of Europe's most successful football clubs has always appealed to me, an idea I put forward to a group of friends who were tempted in by bargain £40 return flights to Bergamo. Growing up watching Football Italia on Channel 4 [...]

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Solo Trip To Warsaw, Poland

A while back, I spotted a Ryanair sale and jumped on it as usual. This time I bought trips to Eindhoven and Warsaw for the same month, just for one day/night each as it was the first time that I'd visited either country. I wanted to use these short trips as a test to decide whether [...]

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Fear of Flying – How to overcome?

Spiders. Snakes. Heights. Clowns. The dark.Yep, I'm talking about phobias. According to statistics, about 15-20% of the world's population will suffer from a specific phobia at some point in their lives. Personally, I think a lot of people are lying and that percentage is probably a lot higher.Arachnophobia is the most common one. Luckily, it's not something that bothers me. [...]

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A visit to the well-known ‘windy city’… Chicago.

Chicago, the heart of Illinois, full of life, renowned architecture, world-class museums, endless parks, food from every part of the world, incredible doughnuts and of course the best hot dogs in town! A city that you NEED to visit. For the first time visiting the United States and Chicago being my first city, I must [...]

My first visit to Holland, a solo, one-day trip to Eindhoven

Quite often, Ryanair put some huge deals on their website and I'm usually quite quick to jump on it. I flew to Brussels and back for £10, I've got a flight to Warsaw booked at the end of November for £20 return and the most recent trip was to Eindhoven in The Netherlands, for £20 return. I had [...]

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Central Europe by train – Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Brno and Prague

Living in Europe, we are lucky to have a host of historic and unique cities which can be reached cheaply and with very little effort. Two that always intrigued me were Budapest and Prague so I decided to combine both in one trip, but instead of jumping on another plane, me and a few friends made use of the [...]

Easter trip to Southend on sea

It was the end of Max's spring term at nursery and it was almost the end of an era. He would be starting school in September, something I wasn't sure I was ready for yet - I think most parents feel that way about their babies growing up! I don't know why, but somebody had decided that it would be [...]

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Exploring the ancient ruins of Angkor

I visited Cambodia back in May 2016 and after recently reminiscing about the trip with a friend it sparked me to write this piece about one of the most amazing trips I've ever had. Cambodia couldn't be any more different to my home in the UK, between the frantic streets of Phnom Penh, the tranquillity of Ream National [...]

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A cancelled wedding, bucket lists, beer and Ireland

Everyone reads about those stories whereby people wake up one morning and make massive life changes which will take them on an adventure they never intended. But you never expect to become of those people… 18 months ago I became one. I was 25, I owned my house, I had what was considered a decent job and planning [...]

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Nimes – A little known gem in the South of France

Weekend Flights Return flights from Liverpool to Nimes can be be had for £45-£55, while returns from Luton can be had from as little as £30! Airport to Centre A shuttle bus runs from Nimes airport to the centre which takes around 25 minutes, the fare is €6 from the airport and for some reason €6.80 going back. The [...]

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Riga – Much more than a good night out

Weekend Flights Weekend flights from Manchester to Riga can set you back between £140-£170, while flying from London will cost around £100 in the summer and as little as £60 in autumn. Airport to Centre As I arrived in Riga by bus I can't really help you on this but the relevant information can be found here. Accommodation We [...]

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Road Trip to Switzerland – Mountains, Avalanches, Skidoos and Adventure

Switzerland is a place I'd visited a few times before whilst on ski trips, but one place I really wanted to visit was Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. In march, my partner and I decided to take a road trip and drive all the way from The Peak District, through France and into Switzerland. Day 1 - Leaving the [...]

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Tallinn – Tunnels, Towers and Pancakes

Weekend Flights to Tallinn Obviously bargains can always be found if you check Kayak regularly but usually you would be looking at between £100-£150 for return flights from the UK to Tallinn. Manchester (£150) London (£100) Airport to Centre The airport is a short taxi ride from the centre and will not set you back much, especially if [...]

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Disneyland, Sightseeing and The Not-So-Nice Part of Paris

My Solo Trip to Paris - The Good and Bad Parts Before summer, I booked a trip to Paris for me and my cousin. We've been abroad before to Fuerteventura, so decided to do it again as being singles, sometimes going alone is boring, especially if you go for more than a couple of days. We had decided [...]

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Looe, St Ives, A Mexican Restaurant and Cornwall

When our trip to Prague was cancelled at the last minute, we decided a few days in Cornwall would give us the break we needed. Cornwall is somewhere that I have visited many times and is somewhere I will always return. Its beautiful sandy beaches, quirky unspoilt harbours and friendly locals has left me with fond memories and [...]

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A girls’ weekend in York

When you're a single mother, your Friday and Saturday nights are usually spent at home, wearing a fluffy onesie watching a box set and having a couple of glasses of white wine. (Or at least mine are anyway - maybe that's just me!) It's not very often that I get a whole, child free weekend to myself. Max's dad [...]

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Feeling at home in Crete

Have you ever been on a holiday and felt immediately at home? After (approx.) 30 minutes drive from Heraklion airport is the small resort of Stalis (Stalida). Nestled between the busier resorts of Hersonissis and Malia, this resort provides the perfect balance between relaxation and stimulation. There are many hotels and complexes to choose from, and [...]

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Weekend Getaway to Paris

My husband and I booked a weekend away to Paris for a post-honeymoon romantic getaway... believe me, there is nothing romantic about trying to fit in as many monuments, landmarks, sightseeing etc into 2 days as physically possible, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you are on a budget or restricted on time due [...]

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Cape Verde – A hidden gem

It had only been a few days since we returned from Ibiza and I well and truly had the holiday bug. We'd had such a good time that I wanted to take Max away again as soon as possible, and I wanted to try somewhere that I'd never been before. I'm the kind of girl that absolutely hates winter. [...]

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Solo trip to Bordeaux

In my early 20s, I spent a couple of years living in the south of France, between 1 and two hours east of Bordeaux in a tiny hamlet called Grand Castang. The nearest town that people may know is called Bergerac, which is where I flew from and to, to get between there and Liverpool. I played football out [...]

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My Travel Bucket List

Astrology. It's one of those topics that always seems to divide people. Whether you think it's a lot of old rubbish or you read your star sign every day and follow the advice to the absolute letter, everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Me? I'm not sure if I'm convinced about it. It's my birthday next [...]

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Cheap city break to Naples: Something for everyone

Why go to Naples? Well it has it all; Architecture, Beaches, Superb Cuisine, Culture, History, Nature and Jaw dropping views. Not many cities can offer such a diverse holiday experience. Time: 3 nights in June (approx 30 degrees) Flights: Return flights to Manchester easily available for under £90 Accommodation: Naples Experience Hostel (approx £20 a night - breakfast included) [...]

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Porto on a Budget in 3 nights with day trips

Thinking of going Portugal? Why? Porto offers more than Lisbon! Flights: Return flights with Monarch are available for under £100. Time: 3 nights in July; Not too busy yet and temperature can be around 30 degrees. Accommodation: Rock n Roll Porto hostel (£10 per night and breakfast included!) Slightly out of the way, but clean and plentiful [...]

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Shenanigans in Dublin 2017

What can you not like about Dublin? I first visited Dublin when a group of friends suggested getting away for a weekend break. None of us were to fussed on where we wanted to head off to and we weren't even really looking to leave England. A friend found some flights from Liverpool John Lennon airport [...]

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To the point. Solo Budget travel to Plitvice lakes and Slovenia

The Plitvice lakes and Lake Bled are now fully on the tourist map, a quick Google of these places is enough to convince you to go, but what did I learn… Time: 4 nights (5/6 nights is probably needed though!) Flights: Manchester to Zagreb £75 with Monarch. Return Ljubljana to London with EasyJet £122. Cheaper flights [...]

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The Staycation Series – Kent and the Beautiful South

The South | Take One – London and Canterbury Me: “Mum, I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks”. Mum: “That’s nice. Where and who with?” Me: “I’m going down south on my own to meet some strangers from the internet”. Sometimes, I don’t know how my mother copes with me, but that’s how it started. A few years [...]

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Dead-end dating and Cyprus as a Saving Grace

1st June 2017 Five days after my final ever University exam. My exams hadn't gone as well as I'd hoped they would but I wasn't surprised. I couldn't bare to study for about a month after we'd broken up. Not because I was still wallowing, I wasn't- I just couldn't bare the thought of a quiet room and trying [...]

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The other side of Ibiza

When you think of Ibiza, the first thing that probably springs to mind is booze, clubs and partying. You wouldn't necessarily think "a great place for a family holiday." So why did I decide to take my just-about-to-turn-3 year old son there for his first time abroad? I've always been interested in travelling, but being a young single mum meant [...]

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My European Driving Adventure (Part One)

I have always enjoyed being a little adventurous whilst traveling, and staying off the beaten track appeals to me more than your packaged 2 week poolside/shopping holiday. Me and my now ex-partner decided to ditch the flight and take off across Europe in the car for just over 3 weeks. We spent some time researching routes we fancied and decided [...]

Honeymoon in the Maldives

Choosing the Maldives as a honeymoon destination is an easy choice. Finding the right island and hotel is where it can be difficult to make the right decision. The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls with each atoll hosting more than 1000 islands so it is easy to become overwhelmed; as me and my husband found out. However, Maafushi Island [...]

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How my break up took me to the Greek Islands

My life was pretty simple and really stable until about 8 months ago. I was at the University of Warwick studying for a Law degree, I had two great jobs as a Business Coach and a Make Up Artist. I had a gorgeous boyfriend who I'd fallen in love with at just 16 and I had (and still do [...]

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Iceland, featuring the Northern Lights

A guide to Iceland​ My husband and I visited Iceland in February 2016 after discussing our bucket lists and realising we both wanted to see the Northern Lights. They did not disappoint! I can't take any credit for planning nor booking the trip as my keen husband took care of that and what an amazing trip he booked! He was [...]

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Our Trip to Pisa, Lucca, Florence

I love Italy and when the opportunity came along for me to get away again there was no question for me where I wanted to spend my 50th birthday celebrations with 3 of my amazing friends. We booked a 5 day trip to Pisa through which cost around €100 euros each for our hotel. We paid only £50 return [...]

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30th Birthday Celebrations in Chester

I was looking to arrange something for my friend's 30th birthday celebrations. We didn't want to drive too far for just a night's stay, so decided to look at what was available in Chester. We managed to book a city centre apartment which was in a fantastic location as all the clubs and bars/ restaurants where on our doorstep. I [...]

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My Trip to Bari, Italy

I was looking for a short break away and as I'm an avid user of the budget airlines I decided to see what Ryanair had on offer. I have travelled a lot around Italy and just love the country. I seen that a return flight from Liverpool John Lennon airport to Bari was costing just under £50. This was a [...]

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A one-night trip to Brussels

When I decided that I wanted to explore more of Europe, I started searching all of the flight comparison sites, looking for ridiculous deals, and I don't think I'll find a deal more ridiculous than the flights I ended up with to Brussels. I paid £10 for return flights, no more, no less, just £10. £5 each way. These flights [...]

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A stag-do turned into just a lads holiday in Magaluf

I was invited on a Stag Do to Magaluf, and I've never been before so I thought I should probably visit before I turn 30, with a decent bunch of lads up for having a good time. One problem, the wedding was called off! That won't stop us going to Magaluf, so we changed the name of the group chat [...]

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A stag-do in Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic I was asked to be the best man for my friend's Scott and Christine's wedding, which was an honour. But what's the main function of the best man? The stag do, of course. Scott provided me with a list of people that he'd like to attend the stag do, which made it a [...]

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A birthday weekend in Dublin

We visited Dublin for the weekend for a friend's birthday, and the hotel was booked by another of the lads. We didn't realise how good the location was until we got there. The Central Hotel Dublin was about 5 minutes walk away from the good bars and restaurants - don't underestimate how good it is to have a hotel close [...]

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Disney’s Pop Century Resort

If you would like any sleep at all whilst visiting Disneyland, then do not stay at Disney's Pop Century Resort as that just won't happen. We had a pool view, so it was obviously going to be quite loud during the day, but that's not what you expect at 5am every morning. There were metal railings outside the hotel rooms, [...]

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