Dublin, Ireland

What can you not like about Dublin?

I first visited Dublin when a group of friends suggested getting away for a weekend break. None of us were to fussed on where we wanted to head off to and we weren’t even really looking to leave England. A friend found some flights from Liverpool John Lennon airport to Dublin costing an amazing £30 return, we would have paid more than this getting a taxi into Liverpool on a night out. We instantly booked 4 seats for a 3 night stay. For me accommodation can be as basic as a room with a bed and a mirror but I will not compromise on the bathroom! Shared bathroom is for me a no go.

We found a hostel which cost €100 each. The hostel was in a good location and all the main bars and were a short 10 minute walk which lead us in to the unforgettable Temple bar area. Our our first visit we stayed at Times hostel in college street. The hostel was just what we expected. It was clean, basic and had a private bathroom. There was a pub right next door and this was our first stop once we had ditched our bags and before heading off to the vibrant and lively Temple Bar area.

Temple Bar

Now Temple bar can be costly but if you are wanting a true Dublin experience then this street is the place to head to. The prices on alcohol can fluctuate depending on what part of the city you are in so make sure you take this into consideration when thinking about a night/day out. We paid around € 7 for a pint of Guinness, for some reason Guinness in Dublin is like nowhere else in the world, it’s creamy and leaves a lingering taste in your mouth and is without doubt my favourite tipple when I’m visiting the Emerald Isle… so although the prices can be a little high you have to keep in mind that there is non stop live entertainment in most bars and you would probably pay the same or more in London and even some trendy bars in Liverpool and Manchester. The live music plays from dusk till dawn in nearly every bar on this street and the locals really know how to party so be prepared to get drawn in to the electric atmosphere that’s bursting out of every crevice along these cobbled streets. For me the best thing about staying in a hostel is you get to meet so many different people from all over the world which for me beats sitting in my beautiful hotel room any day.

Whilst we were in the city we took a tour bus which allowed to to visit all the tourists places for the next 24 hours. Such as St Patrick’s Cathedral, Guinness store house, Phoenix park and ha’penny bridge, to name but a few. If you are going to do a tour bus then it’s worth keeping this in mind, book your tickets around about 1 to 2pm as the will still be available to use the next day especially if you have a late flight as this will fill your morning while you are waiting.

St. Michan’s Church

We did all the tour routes but my favourite place was St. Michan’s Church which is located in Church Street. This was a few € to have a guided tour which lasted about an hour (the tour bus allowed you to hop and and off so you can take a look around on route.)

The most interesting part about this place has to be the crypt which is accessed down some old uneven dark and cold steps which leads you into something quite Erie and a little unpleasant but extremely interesting. The basement of this church is home to the remains of the St. Michan’s mummies. The coffins have deteriorated over the centuries, however the mummies seem to have be preserved. There are lots of theories why and how this has happened which I will allow you to hear about it from the guy who does the tour. Who was very knowledgeable.

Guinness Factory

While having access to the tour bus we decided to extend our ticket to visit the Guinness factory. We found The best place to book was online. However there are lots of shops along the main shopping areas that sell the tours but make sure you shop around for the best deals. I wasn’t to impressed with the Guinness factory tour and due to the amount of visitors, the day we went the place was extremely overcrowded and the lift was inaccessible due to the sheer volume of people using it. We did complain and we were given a full refund without any problems.

I have now visited Dublin a few times and the next time we stayed we decided to stay in the Temple bar district. The hostel was called Gogarty’s.

We decided to book a penthouse apartment which was perched on the rooftop overlooking the city. Now don’t forget we are in a hostel here and just because it’s called a penthouse does not mean that we got a 5* apartment ? the apartment was however clean with 2 bedrooms (4 people), kitchen, dining room, living room with flat screen tv and a small balcony with seating. The place was perfect for what we wanted again it cost us €100 each based on 4 sharing.

Dublin for New Year’s Eve!

We loved Dublin and have already booked our flights for New Year’s Eve! Bring on the shenanigans!

Tips for the tours… always check online for current offers. I found offers through Dublin City Scape who had up to 60% off. And some tours include a drink when visiting various eateries along the tour.