I had booked 2 nights in Oslo, Norway as I’d never been there before, and that was certainly an experience!

I’d been warned that it was expensive out there, well, I hadn’t actually realised just how expensive… eye wateringly so! Especially hot on the heels after last weekend’s very reasonable trip to Gdansk!

From Oslo airport I took the express train into the city centre, which was a 15min train ride that cost £18 each way. When I got off at the National Theatre stop, as that’s where my hotel was, a 3 minute taxi ride cost £14! So, that was my introduction to Norway!

After getting to my hotel, I decided to go exploring. I headed down towards the Palace, which was quite beautiful with the guardsmen all lined up outside.

Next up was a stroll down Karl Johans gate as that’s where the quaint little Winter Wonderland was, en route to the harbour area.

It was too late to do a sightseeing bus tour as they leave at 10am every morning, and unfortunately I was unable to do the Fjords trip as that only happens on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in winter, and I was leaving on Saturday!I was very disappointed. I nearly took a random ferry journey as assumed it must still see some form of Fjord like scenery along the way… but I held off and carried on wandering. I went to a few of the many museums and decided to save the Munch Museum & Viking Museums for the next day. I walked along to the lovely Oslo Opera House, which was overlooking the Oslo Fjord.


I met up that night at the Sky Gardens Bar with 2 female solo travellers. One of whom was over from Kuala Lumpur on her first ever solo trip celebrating her 30th birthday. The other was on her way from New York to Ibiza. It was an interesting evening!

Next morning; I made the mistake of buying a croissant for breakfast, it was contaminated by the seeded breads around it… Annnnd I’m allergic to Seeds, big time, the anaphylactic kind. So I had myself a little emergency, which ruled out going to the Viking museums, although I’d been told not to bother going anyway, and I didn’t really have an overwhelming hankering to go, but I promise I didn’t try getting out of that by ingesting seeds deliberately!

A few hours after the aforementioned emergency, I headed out to the Munch museum, which was worth wandering around and the Vigeland park, which hosts sculptures, mainly of angry babies (which I didn’t quite get myself!)

That night, I headed out to another rooftop bar on The Grand Hotel, and finally ended up randomly chatting to some Manchester City supporting locals and watched a live band at a very lively Irish bar called the Dubliner.

I’m glad I’ve seen Oslo now, and I’m glad I only went for 2 days. Next week I’m off on a spontaneous day trip to Copenhagen!

Sooooo watch this space!