Gdansk, Poland

So, I finally booked an Eastern European destination. Gdansk, Poland!

I have to admit that I was quite wary as I’d heard a lot of negative scaremongering stories about Eastern Europeans and their attitude towards foreigners. Well, I was very surprised at just how friendly they all were!

So having landed at Gdansk airport, I chose to take a taxi to my city centre hotel, this seems to be a set price of 70 Polish Zloty, which is about £16. There are shuttle buses that run to and from the city centre which cost around £4 each way.

For this trip I booked the Radisson Blu as it is situated right in the heart of the main old town area, walking distance to the river, and all the pubs and restaurants!

It was very quiet, out of season but still a lovely time of year to see the sights.

I did the Ferris wheel and I went round at LEAST 12 times, I think they were trying to get more business! Then I received an offer to get on a hop-on-hop-off shuttle ride over the city, which I did, on my own as no one else was there. Old town Gdansk is definitely a very dolls house type of place, very quaint. We went past the second world war museum, the European Solidarity museum with its viewing tower, all the numerous churches, plus the many cheap bars and restaurants – vodka shots in all different flavours for £1 each!

That night I decided to go out in Sopot. Sopot is on the best beach and is about 15 minutes away by taxi. It was too dark to see Europe’s longest pier, but I had a relatively quiet night out before deciding to head back to the hotel and come back by train to explore further in the morning, which I did. The train cost £1 each way and took about 30 minutes to get there, stopping at 9 different stations en route! Thus I finally saw Europe’s longest Pier!

After a wander around, I headed back to Gdansk, to be fair, you don’t need more than 48 hours in this whole area as there’s not that much to do or see, but it gave me the inspiration to book more Eastern European trips, albeit on a whistle-stop basis!

Next stop: Oslo for me this weekend.

Soooooooo… watch this space!