Accommodation Owners

Would you like one of our most popular authors to visit your accommodation to write a blog post specifically about your place and the surrounding area?

Dover Castle

How it works

The Travel Diary is a collection of travel bloggers from around the world who share their stories and experiences with tens of thousands of people worldwide. Our visitors come to The Travel Diary to read about our authors trips around the world, which include what to do, what not to do, best practices, information on hotels, the best restaurants to visit and what else to do in the area.

All of our authors posts are analysed constantly on different factors, such as the amount of visits the post gets, how much it gets shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the size of the reach via social media, how many comments the posts gets on the website and on social media, and above all, how many bookings are made through the links and search widgets on their posts.

The most popular and successful authors are part of our Star Team, and these are the authors who are offered the opportunity to do exclusive posts for The Travel Diary. After you have filled in the form below, our admin team will be in touch to discuss the details, and then one of the Star Team will be given your details to schedule their visit. During their visit, they will act exactly how they would on a normal holiday or trip, so just treat them how you would with any other customer. Shortly after their visit, they will write a post about their visit to your establishment and will talk about what there is to do in the area and so on. There will be no links to other hotels, or other affiliates in your exclusive post, and our admin team will ensure that the contact details you have provided are listed within the post in the optimal locations. Our aim is to bring you more custom via The Travel Diary by sharing our authors experience at your establishment with our vast online audience.

If you are interested in inviting one of The Travel Diary’s most popular authors for a visit to your accommodation, please fill in the form below.

Benefits of exclusivity

  • Links directly to your website and/or phone/email listed
  • Reach an audience of tens of thousands of people for free
  • Cut out the booking fees


Acceptable accommodation

  • Hotel
  • B&B
  • Hostel
  • Static Caravan
  • Guest House
  • House Boat
  • Holiday Home
  • Glamping Style Accommodation


  • You have the authority to request a visit
  • Free accommodation provided – the length of stay can be discussed
  • You provide a way for our readers to book with you