When I was a kid, I always remember hearing adults talking when the end of December began to creep up about “how fast the year has gone.” I never used to understand what they meant, because when you’re a kid the years seem endless, stretching out in front of you forever. And the idea of growing older seems impossible.

My 2018 Travel GoalsIt’s a cliché, but now I understand what they mean. The older you get, the quicker the years seem to go by. In less than 3 years time I’ll be 30, an age that seemed absolutely ancient when I was younger!

When you’re a teenager you feel like you’ve got all the time in the world to do the things you want. I did all the things when I was that age that most people don’t do until they’re older – left home at 18, married at 21, a baby at 22. I was old before my time.

Now all I want to do is experience life and do all the things that I didn’t do when I was young, and travelling is at the top of that list.

I’ve spoken before about my love of lists and making plans. I don’t really make new year resolutions as I don’t think they work – what I prefer doing is writing down what I want to achieve for the coming year. In 2017 I achieved the biggest goal on my list, which was getting a job after 4 years of being a stay at home mum. Now that I’ve done that, travelling is going to play a big part of the coming years.

So, here are my 2018 travel goals!


I have booked our summer holiday to Malta for the end of July this year. It’s probably going to be the most fancy holiday we’ve been on so far as the hotel I’ve booked is really posh! I’ve wanted to visit Malta for a long time so I’m glad I’ve chosen it for our main holiday.


This is a big one and it’s something that’s on my bucket list! I’m so excited to say that I have booked 4 days in Lapland for December with Max. I really wanted to do it this year as there are only so many years that you get until your children stop believing in Santa. It’s going to be absolutely magical.


I’m probably going to do a trip to Prague with either a friend or family member at some point this year. I’ve done quite a few “where should I travel to” quizzes this year just for fun and Prague has come up on quite a few of them!


I always feel like a bit of a weirdo when I say I’ve never been to Amsterdam as it seems to be a rite of passage to do in your late teens/early 20s! I don’t smoke but there are plenty of other things to do in Amsterdam that interest me. I’ll probably take this trip solo – I want to do at least one journey abroad by myself every year to push myself out my comfort zone.

On top of this I’d like to visit a lot more places in the UK because we have some amazing places here too.

I’d love to hear from other people and what your travel goals are for this year!