LondonLondon hotels is one of my favourite places to visit because there’s always something going on and there are so many different areas to explore. I’ve been to London loads of times before but I had never been to Winter Wonderland and I really wanted to take Max there so I decided to go the weekend before Christmas.

I’m lucky that I get 2 weeks off work over Christmas so I can really enjoy the holidays with my boy. We travelled down on the train which only takes 90 minutes from where we live. I had originally booked a hotel in Canary Wharf but it was a bit far to get to Hyde Park from there so at the last minute I booked a different hotel called Twenty Nevern Square. It was marketed as a 4 star but I wasn’t actually too impressed – I know London hotel rooms are quite small but this one was honestly tiny and there wasn’t even a TV in the room, something which I think is pretty standard. We did get a continental breakfast the next morning included in the price though, but to be honest it’s not somewhere I’d stay again.

The hotel was only a short tube journey from Hyde Park so we arrived there in time for when it opened. I had pre booked the attractions before we came because I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Our first stop was the Magical Ice Kingdom – sub zero temperatures so we needed hats and gloves! The ice sculptures were amazing and the whole experience was magical. At the end there was an ice slide that we could go down – Max loved it but I didn’t enjoy getting cold and wet!

Next we went on the big wheel, which I’m not too keen on as I don’t like swaying around in a tiny pod high up in the air. Max loves rides though so I tolerated it for him. We went on a few more rides and bought food and sweets – word of warning to those who have never been to Winter Wonderland: it’s pricey (like most things in London). I spent over £100 easily and that’s just for me and one child.

Our last stop was Zippo’s Circus. Max had originally said that he didn’t want to watch the circus but I thought he’d really enjoy it when we got in there and I was right. It was mainly acrobatic performances and there was a guy who did a Houdini trick underwater – we thought the show was great and definitely worth the money we paid.

I probably wouldn’t go back if I’m honest purely because of the cost, although I’m glad we did go and we did enjoy it. Unfortunately I drowned my phone with all my pictures on so I don’t actually have any of this trip left apart from one I took from the wheel which I’m gutted about! I’ll definitely be more careful with my phone in future.