York Staycation

When you’re a single mother, your Friday and Saturday nights are usually spent at home, wearing a fluffy onesie watching a box set and having a couple of glasses of white wine. (Or at least mine are anyway – maybe that’s just me!) It’s not very often that I get a whole, child free weekend to myself. Max’s dad has a job that requires him to work shifts, so he often has him during the week. Every once in a while though I do get a weekend off from all my responsibilities and I like to take as full advantage of those as possible!

On this particular weekend in February me and the women in my family had arranged a trip to York for my mum’s birthday. I’d heard loads of people saying how beautiful York is and I’d never been there before so I was really looking forward to the weekend. I’m really close with my family and we try and do these girly get togethers as often as we can, which isn’t always easy as we all have such busy lives. But when we do we always have a great time.

There were 6 of us going on this trip – me, my mum, my 2 aunties and my 2 cousins. All of us like a drink so we’d got the train up which meant nobody had to drive. Because there were so many of us, rather than stay at a hotel we rented a small house – I think it cost us about £50 each for 2 nights, but it was a few months ago now so I can’t quite remember! We were staying in a little terrace house about a 15 minute walk from the city centre. It was small but cosy with 2 twin bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room. We spent the Friday night in so we were ready to explore the following day.

On the Saturday we decided to head out into the city centre, have a walk around and do a bit of shopping. Because we were visiting in February it was really cold, but we wrapped up well and had a lovely walk along the river into the centre. Of course we had to check out the Shambles, which was where we headed to first. The architecture in York is amazing – wandering around the medieval streets you feel as though you’ve gone back in time. The market was on as well so we had the opportunity to pick up a few bargains. We made a pit stop at about lunch time to the most haunted pub in York – the Golden Fleece. Sadly there was nothing to report on the ghost front, but the drinks were good at least!

Our next stop was the York Minster, the stunning gothic cathedral. I’m not a religious person so I never really feel comfortable going inside these places, but my aunties went in to light candles. There’s no denying that it’s a beautiful building and I loved walking around the outside and looking at the amazing architecture.

On our way back to the house, we went for a walk along the city walls. the longest medieval walls in England. If you’re afraid of heights be wary, because they’re not very well cordoned in some places! I’d read that there are a lot of guided tours along the walls but we preferred to do things at our own pace.

In the evening we went out for food and drinks. There are plenty of places to go out in York – we fancied a few cocktails so we decided to go to one of the more well known places, Las Iguanas. The cocktail menu there never disappoints!

We were getting the train back later on the Sunday so we had the morning and lunchtime free. Our original plan had been to go to Betty’s, the famous tea rooms, for afternoon tea. When we got there though the queue was ridiculous, halfway down the street and it was very expensive as well, so we decided to go somewhere else. If you ever plan to go to Betty’s then pre booking is definitely a good idea! Luckily we found another little tea room called “Teddy Bear Tea Rooms” that was amazing – a tiny little place up 2 flights of stairs serving beautiful afternoon teas at reasonable prices. The choice of teas and coffees was really good and so was the choice of jams for the scones – you could pick your favourite and everything was made to order. My cousin who is a vegetarian had a really good selection as well which was a really nice touch. There was so much cake that we had to take some home with us and the staff wrapped it all for us to take away. I’d definitely recommend this place for afternoon tea fans if you’re visiting York!

We had a really good time and York is definitely somewhere I’d go again. Has anyone else visited? Let me know in the comments if you’ve been and if there’s anything else I should see the next time I’m there!