This is my first post based on somewhere in the UK because not every getaway can involve jetting away somewhere unfortunately… for my birthday my husband planned a surprise weekend away in York. This is the first time I had ever been to York but had always wanted to go due to the history there and what better excuse than a birthday?

The Hotel

We stayed in the Hotel Indigo in a standard double room which was really nicely decorated and perfect as we were only there for the weekend! We booked this hotel via The room also included breakfast, which is always a winner in my eyes! Hotel Indigo is less than 1 mile away from York Minster so a really good option for people who like to just walk out of the hotel and explore! The hotel was really nice and clean and everyone was really friendly.

We were very lucky that even with the ‘Beast from the East’ looming we had a full weekend of sunshine and blue skies. We took full advantage of this, we dropped our bags in the room and headed out. First stop… food! York is absolutely full of tea rooms and cafes, all of which look just as good as the other. You will not struggle to find somewhere to eat here! After food we went to Jorvik Museum. We had pre-booked tickets as my husband Scott had read that you can wait up to 2 hours to get in, when we got there there was quite a large queue so I was quite thankful we could just walk straight in especially as it was February – not the warmest of months to be stood in a queue! The museum was great if you are a history nerd like we are although you need a strong stomach for the ‘authentic’ smells they pump into the re-creation of the York viking streets!!

York Travel Blog

After the museum we just wandered with no aim in mind, we just wanted to see what we stumble upon and in York it isn’t hard to stumble upon a lot of interesting places! We walked to the York Minster, through the shambles, along the river and to York castle. One thing I can say is that paying £5.50 per person to go into the castle was definitely not worth it, it is very small and takes around 2 minutes to walk around, there are many other castles in the UK that are much more worth your time!

After a full day of site seeing and wandering through the quaint shambled streets we headed back to the hotel to get ready for tea and cocktails! I have to say this may actually be my favourite part of York… it is so full of unique cocktail bars and what is even better is that they only allow a certain amount of people in at a time so no overcrowding! We sampled a few of the many gin cocktails at… then went on to one of York’s most famous cocktail bars, The Evil Eye. This bar had a hippie-esque decor vibe going on and had a wide range of eclectic cocktails. The bar staff were really knowledgeable and what is even better is that the bar is attached to a shop that sells like 400 types of Gin (winner!) After this, we went to Delrios for the one of the best meals I have ever had! From the outside it doesn’t look like much, more like a hole in the wall but I could not recommend it highly enough. The food was incredible, the staff could not do enough for us and for how amazing it all was it was not expensive at all.

York Travel Blog

In my mind now I have done the ‘touristy’ bits of York and as much as I really enjoyed them; I don’t feel like I need to do them again. However, I would return every weekend to eat and drink here with no hesitation!